Menu of Services

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY SERVICES offers a complete menu of services that allow us to customize our scope of work to address your specific asset and property management needs on a property by property basis.

We understand that every property is unique. Market conditions and demographics vary as do the physical conditions and long-term needs of each property. A one-size-fits-all approach simply does not make sense, particularly in economic times that demand innovation, strategic planning, insight, and creativity.

The scope of our services can be tailored to your specific portfolio and property needs and may include the following: Core Service


Full-service Property Management with an Ownership Mentality.


Short and long range strategic planning and positioning. Oversight of property management, leasing and capital improvement planning.


Full-service commercial brokerage services with a proven track record of success leasing retail and other commercial properties.


Our landscape maintenance division offers complete landscape maintenance services for commercial assets including retail, office, industrial properties.

Our Philosophy

First impressions matter. Lasting perceptions either build loyalty or foster indifference. Shoppers have numerous choices and opportunities to patronize your competition. We believe in giving them reasons not to. Your financial success and that of your tenants depend on it.

Our philosophy combines the interests and needs of the property owner, tenants and community to create a dynamic synergism, melding their mutual and respective needs. We passionately believe that by embracing the culture and lifestyles of the community, we can reposition your properties as an integral lifestyle component that becomes a destination of choice, create a competitive edge and drive traffic to your properties.

There are right ways and wrong ways to save money. It takes wisdom and experience to know the difference.

  • We operate with a “hands-on” management style where the principals of the firm are personally engaged in every aspect of the management process.
  • We embrace the conviction that property management should be “proactive” as opposed to “reactive”.
  • We see each property not “as it is” but what it “could be”, thus maximizing income potential and value.
  • We understand the relationship between income and property value and aggressively manage with the objective of maximizing both profitability and value.
  • We espouse that tenants are the lifeblood of every property. Successful and happy tenants tend to remain tenants and unhappy tenants often become vacancies. We place a strong emphasis on communication with tenants and the development of a positive tenant/landlord relationship whenever possible.
  • We believe that the whole is the sum of its parts. Details are cumulative and attention to detail is paramount to creating a successful commercial environment.